"Critical" The Deadly Accurate Sniper [VRChat Avatar]

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Critical is the best sniper in the Metaverse. Said to have never missed a shot, at least that anyone has lived to see...
My Discord Server- https://discord.gg/CTnH2KDWeA
My Discord tag - Meechu#5772This avatar was a long 3 month project, packed with a crazy amount of customization option's, cool props like a phone you can use and play music on, a sniper that shoots and has a functioning sniper scope, a "stealth mode" and alot more. Lets just say if VRChat didnt increase the memory limit on avatars i don't think Critical would have made it...
To top it all off she has a streetwear/darkwear aesthetic, a tokyo ghoul inspired face mask, plenty of material swaps and clothing options to mix and match, you will be going through her menu for awhile 0-0
DPS is setup on the avatar, but you will need import the DPS package yourself.
See showcase's above for all details.
Made with Physbones!
Thank you to everyone who supports me buy purchasing this model, i hope you enjoy her as much as i did making her <3
Scratch items are as listed, Socks+legging, Tech wear leg piece, Tokyo ghoul mask, Sniper, Bullets, Pasties, Phone model, Techtop+compression sleeve, Eye scope mesh, afk+ angry symbol mesh.
Almost every asset was heavily edited on this model and retextured, you can use my edits as long as you purchased critical, and the asset from the original creator. For my scratch made assets, you can use them for private NON commercial projects only after you purchased critical.
Some reminders:
Do not share this package with anyone who hasn't purchased it themselves
Do not upload this model as public.
Feel free to use this model in any tiktoks, videos, streams, instagram post's, anything content related, just do not claim the model as your own.
Credits to the amazing creators below who's assets were used, if i missed anything please DM me so i can update this post immediately!
Phone system done by - BlurryVision#3636
Body - https://imlexz.gumroad.com
Head - https://nikkiepng.gumroad.com
String Top - https://thewaifsavatars.gumroad.com
Tech Hoodie - https://zeit.gumroad.com
Tech Pants - https://crabman823.gumroad.com
Shorts - https://blakebunni.gumroad.com
Short hair - https://zinpia.gumroad.com
Pony tail - https://nikkiepng.gumroad.com
Panties - https://milkymommy.gumroad.com
Leg straps - https://nepnewp.gumroad.com
Jordans - https://joewall.gumroad.com
Headphones - https://mydudegideon.gumroad.com
Glasses - https://elizabytevr.gumroad.com
Eye texture - https://birdybabyy.gumroad.com and https://breadexpert.gumroad.com
Canvas shoes - https://crabman823.gumroad.com
Belt - https://vampii.gumroad.com
Glove - https://apyr.gumroad.com
Watch - https://suvy.gumroad.com
Choker - https://sophievrc.gumroad.com
Rings - https://gashina.gumroad.com
Face Texture - https://miing.gumroad.com
Tongue - https://vastayaassets.gumroad.com
Locomotion - https://wetcat.gumroad.com

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"Critical" The Deadly Accurate Sniper [VRChat Avatar]

353 ratings
I want this!