Datenshi 堕天使 Vrchat Avatar *Phys Bones*

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Discord: Meechu#5772 or join the server:
Datenshi is a fallen angel corrupted by evil, he is sent down to a post apocalyptic city in order to survive on his own.
This avatar has a very unique streetwear/fighter aethetic that really makes him unique from the rest you have seen on Vrchat.
Custom texture work with substance painter has been done for the tattoos, demon mode, knife, and many other accessories on the avatar in high quality.
Everything that should move, does! Many things have been rigged to give him a very realistic look. Including a knife you can hold and spin on your finger.
Endless customization options with hue shifts, material swaps, clothing swaps, hair swaps and more, giving you the ability to make him your own way without all the unity knowledge.
Full clothing and accessories shown in toggle showcase above.
Both bandanas, face bandaids, arm wrap, mask, leg sleeve, sock, wrist braclet, made from scratch by me
Follow import instructions on read me file when purchasing!

CREDITS, check out all these amazing creators!
Head: Chiyo head
Base: Nipp nipp base:
Both hairs: Stefon hair and manbun
Baggy sweater:
Offwhite tee:
Shorts: Patchwork cargo pants by:
Jeans : male jeans by:
Vans: by
Nike high tops: by
backpack: by
Baseball bat: Cute Cuddly Baseball Bat by
Knife: throwing knife by
Body chain: thigh chain by
Hat: hatpack
Horns: imp horns by
Earings- dangly spike earings by
Glove: fish net glove by
Ankle braclet: choker by
Locomotion fix by:
Eboy sit pose by:
Rings: male ring set by


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Datenshi 堕天使 Vrchat Avatar *Phys Bones*

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